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Top 7 Health Benefits of Blueberries: Nutrition Facts & Calories

While all fruits that we eat contribute to our health system one way or another, the one fruit that beats them all is the blueberry. Included as a member of the family of superfoods, blueberries amount to enormous health benefits in the human body and brain. Not do they only boost your health with their many benefits, and trust me I am not exaggerating when saying “many health benefits” which we will cover in the “top 7  health benefits of blueberries” sections below, but they also have a delicious taste. They can be included in any of your favorite meals with little to no effort.

Let’s not forget also the importance that the growing process of blueberries has in order for them to get the essential nutrition they need before early Spring before their first flowers start blooming.

Now, let’s jump to the fascinating part, and take a look at the top 7 health benefits of blueberries, blueberries nutrition facts, and blueberry calories.

1. Blueberries are the Top Antioxidant Food Health Contender

Grown Blueberries in the Plantation of Galaberry
Grown Blueberries in the Plantation of Galaberry

In the majority of fruits and vegetables, there is something called flavonoids or in simple words “plant compounds or chemicals”. The flavonoids are part of the polyphenols antioxidants which contain antioxidant properties that have major health benefits in the human immune system.

The flavonoid effect contributes to the anti-inflammatory values in people’s organism, therefore protecting the body cells from free radicals avoiding aging and illnesses like cancer. A type of flavonoid that stands out and gives the blueberries all the health benefits is called anthocyanin.

So, the anthocyanin compound is what makes blueberries stand out as a superfood, therefore giving many of the blueberries health benefits. Additionally, this compound is also where blueberries get their characteristic dark blue color.

Key Takeaway

The major reason for blueberries proven health benefits are the antioxidant properties that are present in this fruit. Being the leading fruit and exceeding even the vegetables antioxidant levels the blueberries get their most powerful health benefits from flavonoids.  

2. Blueberries Helps Your Body Against Aging and Prevents Cancer

The damaging of DNA cells is a natural process that follows us throughout our lives. This is the reason why we age with the passing of years and as a result the risk of diseases such as cancer rises.

The health benefits of blueberries can help reduce the risk of cancer, because of the high level of antioxidants that blueberries contain. The antioxidants in blueberries can shut down a portion of the free radicals that are the reason for DNA damage, and potential cancer illness.

According to studies, blueberries proved to demonstrate a protective mechanism against breast cancer and tumor.

Key Takeaway

Studies proved that health benefits of blueberries contribute in the reduction of DNA damage, which results to of aging and potential cancer risk.

3. Blueberries Help Lowering Blood Pressure

As we know high blood pressure results in an increased risk of heart diseases. The health benefits of blueberries prevent exposure to such risks.

According to research conducted 200 grams of blueberries were given in form of a drink to 40 healthy men to consume every day within a month, and the monitored results showed that the widening of arteries because of the increased blood flow spiked up by 2% in the first two hours of consumption.

These results prove that the health benefits of blueberries include cardiovascular enhancements and thus help reduce the exposure to heart disease risks. 

Key Takeaway

Consuming blueberries in a regular basis results in lowering blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

4. Blueberries Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases such as Heart Attacks

While the regular consumption of blueberries lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases, it is important to touch upon the heart attack issue which is the leading death factor in the world up to date. 

According to research done on 93,600 women aged between 25-42, over a period of 18 years, results showed that the group of women who ate more blueberries were 34% less exposed to heart attack than the women which ate fewer blueberries for that period of time. 

This means that adding a moderate consumption of blueberries into your lifestyle helps avoid the suffering of heart attacks.

Key Takeaway

By eating blueberries you take advantage of its reach antioxidant effect, and decrease your chances of suffering a heart attack.

5. Blueberries Enhance Cognitive Brain Function with Memory Improvement Benefits

The damaging of cells throughout our lifetime triggers also the aging of our brain, therefore decreasing its cognitive performance of it.

After a research study was done on a group of women who ate two servings of blueberries every week, it was conducted that they had a reduction of memory loss.

The health benefits of blueberries have positive effects also on the human brain and improve memory, and not only. Blueberries have proved similar benefits to dogs as well, preventing cell damage and supporting their immune system.

Key Takeaway

Study showed that blueberries have impact on memory improvement, and increase brain function abilities.

6. Blueberries provide Anti-Diabetes properties with their Antioxidants

Even though fruits, in general, are great for health, some of them are high in sugar which can’t be good for people who suffer from diabetes or are at risk of its development. While 50 blueberries(68 g) amount to 7 grams of sugar, blueberries proved to lower the chances of developing diabetes of type 2.

The reason for this is the anthocyanin antioxidant bioactive compound that is present in blueberries, therefore negating the negative effect that the sugar in blueberries might have on the human body.

These findings are supported by a clinical study where the consumption of blueberries proved improvement in insulin resistance which is a serious health threat that typically occurs before the diabetes type 2 stage.

Key Takeaway

The anthocyanin bioactive compound that is present in blueberries helps in reducing the risk of the development of diabetes in human health.  

7. Blueberries Contribute to the Reduction of Muscle Damage while Strenuous Exercising

While every person engages in some type of exercising some do that for a living, therefore their exposure to muscle fatigue and soreness is way higher.

Athletes experience extensive oxidative stress in their muscle tissues after exercising thus suffering from inflammation.

A study was done on 10 females who engaged in this type of exercise, consuming a blueberry smoothie 5 to 10 hours before the extensive activity, and 12 to 36 hours after.

The results have proven the positive effect of blueberries on the reduction of muscle damage.

Key Takeaway

According to studies the consumption of blueberries before and after extensive exercising  can help recovering muscle inflammations.

Blueberries Nutrition Facts and Calories

Serving size of 1 cup(140g) of blueberries amounts to the following nutrition and calories values:

  • 80 Calories
  • 0% Fat
  • 0% Sodium
  • 7% Carbohydrate (20g)
  • 12% Dietary Fiber (3g)
  • 14g of sugar
  • 1g of protein
  • 0% Vitamin D
  • 0% Calcium
  • 2% Iron
  • 3% Potassium(110mg)


The consumption of blueberries has positive effects on heart, body, and brain health.

There is little to no effort in adding blueberries to your everyday meal, and the boost that it gives to your wellbeing is enormous. Blueberries can be included in a lot of everyday meals that are consumed by people, so go ahead and add to your everyday to-do list the eating of blueberries.

Also, don’t forget that even though the production and harvesting process of blueberries happens during the summer, you can always store them in your freezer and eat them in any season.

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