About Us

So how did it all start? Living in the newly developed country of Kosovo we are surrounded by natural beauty, and we have perfect climate conditions to cultivate everything in the family of berries and more. After a lot of research and thoughts where to find the perfect location to situate our blueberry farm in Kosovo for maximum care, we found a piece of land in the mountains of Artana or so called Novo Brdo. These mountains reach maximum heights of 946m or 3,104ft which results to a cool place in winter and very warm during the summertime. Looking at the statistics of 2015 Artana exceeds the population of 9,000 individuals living there. However, I can tell you now that being there most of the time I don’t think that even half of that number is occupied by people there. After people saw the beauty and potential of this area to create farms and cultivate the likes of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and a lot more these mountains are undergoing a transition from residential homes to agricultural plantations. You might ask why the mountains of Artana, Kosovo? Well, after on-going considerations on choosing the perfect location we found out that in order to cultivate berries in the best way possible their growing home can’t be surrounded by industries where hazardous gases are released into the air. So, the location was an important part of the process, and because of that we keep the growing progress of our berries natural and don’t use any kind of chemicals on them. Galaberry plantation of blueberries in Kosovo focuses on providing fresh blueberries harvested with love straight from the bushes and sent right to your door. We haven’t convinced you yet? Please feel free to come and visit our blueberry farm in the beautiful mountains of Artana in the country of Kosovo and have a magic look for yourself. We promise that you will be amazed.   

Our Passion

What does it take to enter the agricultural world? Well, a quick answer to this question is passion. Trust me that it is not an exaggeration when I say that whatever you plant, they become part of your life. The care-taking and effort you have to put into your fruits in order to achieve tremendous results is on-going and never ending. You will have to learn about their likes and dislikes, preferred climate, watering preferences, weaknesses and strengths, and so much more. But hey, when you look at the blues when they are ready to harvest it is all worth your while. They don’t only look good, and make you happy but the benefits they provide to your brain and body are exceptional. If you think that this is satisfactional enough, wait until you hear the great comments that we get from people who try our blueberries. Their amazing feedback makes us work even harder, and continue providing for our baby berries. What was the reason that we choose the cultivation of blueberries? Despite the delicious taste, they are part of the super-fruit family which help to keep your heart healthy, strength in your bones, maintains skin wellbeing, regulates blood pressure, manages diabetes, prevents cancer and keeps your mental health stable. So, what is there not to like about blueberries? Now take a moment and eat some delicious blueberries, and let us tell you what our goal is in the next section. 


Our Goal

What do we try to achieve? After experiencing the whole process of cultivating blueberries ourselves for couple of years now, we created this blog in order to help others who want to undergo the same process with tips, tricks and how to’s. Not only do we focus on sharing cultivation information but we also engage in health writings, quick and easy recipes, and much more content related to the wellbeing of people. Looking at the world today, our lives are more dynamic than ever so quick junk food is part of our everyday meals. Slight meal adjustments can change a lot in your organism, and can contribute highly in your health. This is why we try our very best to provide piece of content targeting everyone who wants to eat wealthier with small effort. Want to have a look at our blog, click the button below you won’t be disappointed we promise.