The BLUES that make you feel GOOD.

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Our Mission

We strive for HEALTH, and believe that everyone can do some small adjustments in their everyday lives in order to maintain a healthy living. This is why in year 2017 we opened our Blueberry farm in the beautiful mountains of Artana situated in the country of Kosovo, to cultivate a super fruit which has tremendous health benefits in the human brain and body. Want to know more about us, and our story? Please click the button below, we love to share our journey with you.

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Sharing is Caring

The importance of a healthy living style can’t be emphasized enough. The things that we eat have a lot of impact in our brain and body, thus affecting the way we feel in our everyday lives. Knowing this we provide our audience with valuable information on health from how to’s, tips, tricks, guides, recipes and much more. Take a look for yourself, we are sure that everyone needs a bit of education on healthy living.

Work With Us

You have an idea for a possible partnership. We are open to different opportunities, suggestions or collaborations. Feel free to reach out.  

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